The 'No Guilt' Hotel (Lesbian Erotica)

The 'No Guilt' Hotel (Lesbian Erotica)

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ParisRivera By ParisRivera Updated Oct 20, 2014

We met at a wine bar in the center of town and I was immediately impressed by how well Sandra looked. Her skin was tanned, radiant. Her eyes were sparkling. Her light brown curly hair looked like a bloody shampoo commercial. And she was dressed with confidence - just a short blue sundress and blue heels, simple but sexy.

I told her she looked fabulous.

"Oh thanks, I just came back from Spain," she said.

I asked how it was.

"It was pretty good. Actually really good. Kind of interesting, but let's have a drink."

So anyway, we kind of poured ourselves into a delicious Chilean white and just basically glanced around the room, saying who was cute and speculating on what everyone did. Your basic people-watching, we've all done it.

About 20 minutes in, and trying to sound casual, I said, "So tell me about that interesting Spanish holiday of yours."

I'd been dying to ask.

Sandra took a large gulp of wine and began:

"It was kind of a weird set up. How can I explain?...

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Omg...this story is sexy, erotic and has me so worked up! I wanna know about Mrs. C now too! Not to mention these two. Great story!
AkinomaHNU AkinomaHNU Aug 02, 2015
I'm not sure but I feel like I've read this in a different site before...