The Maestri Amour (Wattys 2015)

The Maestri Amour (Wattys 2015)

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Katlego 'Katee' Moncho By KateeSmurfette Updated Jun 28, 2017

"Child, he doesn't know anything about his own life. You think he's a mystery to you and the world? Little do you know that he's a mystery to himself. He doesn't know of the lies that surround him. He has dark secrets Rita, dark secrets that practically swallow him whole. He's in a dark place right now, and I know that deep inside, you know it too. I've seen the way you look at him. You look at him like he's someone worth giving up the world for. Be his light child. God knows he needs you."


Aretha Washington was never ready for the day that her life would change for the better. It sounds strange putting it that way right? At age 23, her only aspiration was to become a manager at The Maestri Hotel so that she could use her pay check to pay for her grandmother's cancer treatments.

She meets four adorable identical quadruplet girls and they steal her heart without her knowing it. When she finds out that they belong to the mysterious CEO of Maestri Empires, she's astonished, but it also sparks curiosity within her.

When she's unjustly fired for something she didn't do, it opens possibilities for her that she never would've seen coming.

At age 29, Raphael Maestri is the CEO everyone's talking about, but that no-one knows anything about. He's at the top of his game, but things have to turn around for him to acquire an important deal. He thinks it's impossible for him to get what he wants, until he meets the woman who his little girls seem to have latched themselves onto.

It would seem she holds the key to everything.

Dark secrets are revealed. Carnal desires spark. Love grows.

It's The Maestri Amour, a family love affair.


#4 General Fiction - 27 July 2015
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#7 General Fiction - 5 July 2015

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teelita teelita Feb 22
I thought they was supposed to give good advice. So far they just agreed to let her do a dumb thing.
daddieslttleangel daddieslttleangel Apr 11, 2017
Omg this is D.C. Right now!! It's 30 than the next day it's 80 like wtf!!
teelita teelita Feb 22
That is the dumbest thing she could ever do. Already I think the main character is dumb. Why would she ever think calling an abuser to get her is the way to go?
JulietRose15 JulietRose15 Apr 11, 2017
God, I hate it when that happens. If I have to get up, so does the sun!
aholl2007 aholl2007 Apr 17, 2017
Hey me and the best friend have the same name and its spelled the exact way!!
MaNiqqaOlaf MaNiqqaOlaf Aug 17, 2016
I thought I was badasś when I ran out my 3 babysitters but damn..........