I'll Always be by Your side (OHSHC: Takashi 'Mori' Morinozuka x OC)

I'll Always be by Your side (OHSHC: Takashi 'Mori' Morinozuka x OC)

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Carala Tsubasa was found on the streets when she was twelve years old after her family was murdered, by Mori and Honey. 
She was taken care of until she was better, and sent her to her parent's family friend, who would teach her the skills necessarily for a Tsubasa, for three years.

Now she's a part of the Ouran Host Club, as the 'Nice little girl' if any guys happen to show up, and is always with Mori and Honey with their Host club family. 

But the secrets of her family's murder will come to haunt her soon, and the murderers are closer than she thinks.


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...I'm like a bloody titan compared to these reader inserts...
MrFloof MrFloof Jul 12
Author-chan is wright, and if you dont like how she/he does her story, just leave, you don't need to be rude. Weighting a story is hard work and I hate when people like you come along and try and make the author feel bad, so just keep your opinions to yourself
Animelovestory Animelovestory Jul 29, 2016
Yay! I already read the manga and my OTP gets married!!! 😆🙌
phans_hamster phans_hamster Jul 15, 2016
Well shît I'm gonna have to hold off on this story till I read the manga
Dagger74 Dagger74 Mar 09, 2016
Did anyone eles read the discription aND read it super fast? That's what I did and I thought it said mori and honey had murdered her family and I was all like whaaa?
Dj_Master_Woolf Dj_Master_Woolf Nov 20, 2016
Contacts suck though.... I almost poke my eyes out trying to get them out