Run Away, But I Won't Follow [Soma Fanfic Soul X Maka]

Run Away, But I Won't Follow [Soma Fanfic Soul X Maka]

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졸리 ジョリ By Touka_Kirishima_ Updated Sep 24, 2014

"I can't seem to take Maka off of my mind. It's like wherever I go, whatever I do, I see Maka."

Soul is in love with Maka - and has been since the very first day they met. He's just afraid to tell her. What he doesn't know, is that Maka feels the exact same way. 

After a fight between the two partners, Maka disappears without a trace. Soul, now guilt-ridden and feeling like it's his fault, falls into a state of loneliness and depression. Soul never got to tell Maka how he felt, and now he never will. 

At least, that's what he thinks.

Voezlover Voezlover Oct 14
It's not like Maka to let Black*star do anything bad to her, especially letting Black*star make her drunk
brook_cook brook_cook Aug 27, 2015
Maka is turning into a badass like rule one of school nights...DONT GET DRUNK!
sailoranime sailoranime Nov 07, 2014
O wouldn't leave my best friend with a crazy scientist that is obsessed with dissecting things, no matter how sick she is or how much I trust him