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I'm the last witch alive

I'm the last witch alive

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Victoria (Tori) By vablankenbiller Updated May 15

Elizabeth, a girl that has been on the run all her life. Why? Simple, because she's the last witch alive, and the most powerful one. Her mother and father are both human, and have been protecting Beth as much as they could from anyone that wants to harm her.   Blake, a powerful soon-to-be alpha of his pack. He hasn't found his mate yet and wants to really badly. He loaths all of his friends and sister that have found their mates while he's stuck with no one. But what will happen when a mysterious new girl makes an apperance at his school? Only she's different, and she's bringing tons of trouble with her.  Will Blake be able to fight for Elizabeth, or will something slip and he loses her forever?

cactustavia cactustavia Feb 20
Of course she is the most powerful witch alive she is the last witch alive...
angelwomack angelwomack Sep 15, 2016
*Gasps* what if Elizabeth is his mate and sence  they hung out she has her sent on her
Waldrose Waldrose Mar 20, 2016
I'm german  and i can translate this sentence in Herman 😏😂❤
YoungKillers YoungKillers Feb 17, 2016
She wouldn't have blown her cover. Honestly who would think that she was a witch if she named a couple of languages?
NaturalBlondey NaturalBlondey Aug 19, 2015
How you say it in Swedish:
                              Du borde inte behandla Elizabeth så här. Tänk om hon förstod vad du säger? Hon kunde kanske lära sig ett av dessa språken. 
                              Try and say it. Everyone that tries sound so funny.
pixiebaby pixiebaby Apr 23, 2014
not hateing just wondering......... why it's it always strawberry and vanilla, almost 80% percent of the mate books, be it vampire or werewolf, that I read the mates smell like strawberry and vanilla. Is that just a really popular scent or what?