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Hobbit Imagines

Hobbit Imagines

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Halerzzzzzzzz XD By _indieluke_ Updated Jun 27, 2016

The title says it. #5 in 'hobbit Imagines'

Imagination366 Imagination366 May 21, 2016
Hello! So, I just wanted to tell you (about your cover problem) I use this really cool app called Pixlr and its SO helpful. Love your imagines, BTW
LectRD LectRD Oct 16, 2016
Hi, I have written a story on Tolkien's work, particularly the Hobbit too. So, read also my story. It's called "Gilraen's adventure". Thanks.
RebelofHogwarts23 RebelofHogwarts23 Nov 02, 2016
For your information peasent, I'm actually half dwarf and elf
blackmentis20000 blackmentis20000 Oct 04, 2016
Can I request Fili x modern reader. I know it's little weird but it will be great. Like the reader is a huge nerd and knows everything but its extremely shy
Deductivism Deductivism Apr 24, 2015
Haha! Oh, Fili. I cried when he died. Thorin too. Kili also, but not as much.
DeanWinchester18 DeanWinchester18 Apr 10, 2015
yeah I'm a huge nerd!!! :p by the way the name is Scarlet!! ;)