The nerd and me

The nerd and me

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lucyalvarado97 By lucyalvarado97 Updated Jul 24, 2016

"Sit, Kingsley." Principal Mathews said pointing at a chair across from him. The exact same chair I'm in everyday. I sat down kicking my feet on the table. "Feet down." he seethed. I just stared at him letting him know it wasn't going to happen. "An anonymous witness said you had nothing to do with the graffiti on the school building." he scoffed as I rolled my eyes. "I told you so. I'm sure my father would love to hear about your mistake John.". "Sorry, Kingsley. You may leave with no worries now." he said bowing his head. Yeah, I'm a dick but I assure you he's a douche bag. 

    I got up and opened the door crashing into something. "Oww!" a girl screeched if thats what you can call her. "Watch where your going ugly nerd." I seethed at her. She glared at me which was shocking but I had no time to argue with her. I promise that she will regret it later. I smirked at her walking out.

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