Nerd Racer (Editing)

Nerd Racer (Editing)

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Chloe Pearson By xSinnersNeverSleepx Updated Jul 07, 2016

(Edited Chapters will be marked with a ✔- the editing isn't major so you can still read on.)

Skye Jackson's best friend Nathan left her alone at the age of fourteen. He simply just stopped talking to her since he became popular and she was too nerdy for him to associate with. 

After a few weeks of being a loner Skye bumped into the group of bad boys. Instead of being scared of them she smiled and they instantly took a liking to her. Now three years later their bond was stronger than ever.

Skye had always had a secret love for cars and has been secretly driving like a pro since the age of ten. She never even told Nathan about it. But when she tells the guys and find they all share the same love for cars they end up having to keep the biggest secret of all from everyone. 

They are street racers and Skye is the best the world has ever seen.

    Apparrio Apparrio May 01
    OMG MARIE I LOVE HER!!!! She's the main character in my book two :)
    FunkyFeline FunkyFeline Sep 10
    I hope this story Dosent have money problems cause most of the teen fiction stories do have
    Wait hold up is shr staying one of the bad boys or sge going with Nathan
    QueenOfBooks2001 QueenOfBooks2001 Jul 22, 2016
    When I hear the name/word hunter I imediately think if the winchesters.
    HateHumans35 HateHumans35 Jul 21, 2016
    This is the reason why my parents and teachers are worried because I RARELY interact with my classmates 😒
    Wasssuuupppp Wasssuuupppp Dec 29, 2016
    Wth! This is the first paragraph and it's already relating to me!