My evil Step-brother(ON HOLD)

My evil Step-brother(ON HOLD)

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WolfgalXX By WolfgalXX Updated Apr 12, 2015

Picture of what Stella looks like to the side.  The books cover is what Ryder looks like almost besides the eye color.

I looked at myself in the mirror my long dirty blonde hair was curled and I had put on some make-up the eye shadow I put on made my dark blue eyes pop. I wore a black dress that went mid-thigh it hugged my body perfectly I'm thin but not sickly the perfect thin and I have the curves in all the right places. I'm dressed up because my mother wanted to take me out to dinner for some reason. she looked a lot like me but she had green eyes and was older looking. I had gotten my father's blue eyes. My father died two years ago in a car crash I was 15 when he died I'm 17 now.

"Stella let's go!" my mother yelled. "I'm coming!" I shouted back. I walked down the stairs and was greeted by my mother she was wearing a red dress. "Finally." she mumbled. We got in her car and drove to a nice Italian restaurant. We are in silence but something felt odd about my mother she looked ner...

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BelleChhp13 BelleChhp13 Jul 02, 2017
And then there's me like 
                              "They have a library!!!!!! I want it!"
Ding_Dong_ Ding_Dong_ Jan 05
I'd have  no say in that situation I'd just nod go outside and blow my top off later come inside like nothing happened with a fake smile plastered on my face
shady-savage shady-savage Jul 01, 2017
bth o would have went up stairs and lit his ass on fire doing unholy things nigga u nasty
jihopejinmin jihopejinmin May 25, 2017
how were they even dating when they live in different places what did he come to see her during the day and go back at night
allysonvan allysonvan Apr 18, 2017
Omg yass this girl and me would get along just fine lol the devil and his spawns!
allysonvan allysonvan Apr 18, 2017
Dont worry i dont really have alot of friends i move to much