bare [h.s.]

bare [h.s.]

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❝When I was a young girl,
I imagined I could be
anything I wanted to.
I could be a princess, 
with beauty and grace,
who would hold out hope of
finding her Prince Charming. 
I could be a warrior, 
slaying the dragons and
proving my bravery and honor.
Even in the smallest sense, 
I could be happy.

Yes, in a child's mind,
I could've been anything.
But all those years ago, 
I never could have fathomed
that I would be a victim.❞

in which innocence is lost and love is found.

© louminosity 2015

COMPLETED: August 31, 2015.

cover by: @scxlpture

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This is my brothers. People say they're hot but then they find out my brothers live for comic books and then they leave
Girl you thinking about the wrong dude 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
Idk where you go but boys with a future and morality dont go to my school
chickadillo chickadillo Mar 06
I would have just stared stared at him and just said no cuz im savage like that
RaGoo27 RaGoo27 Mar 31, 2016
Was watching it in all seriousness till it got the end where I read "deepthroatstyles" lmao😹😹😹
EcstasyStyles EcstasyStyles Jan 31, 2016
Okay but that plot twist in the middle of the trailer tho. At first when i was watching the trailer during the begginig i was debating on not reading it but then BANG PLOT TWIST THERES A FIGHT, so now im going to read it