Paranoia (Zayn Malik)

Paranoia (Zayn Malik)

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Paranoia ~ A deep fear built on suspicion and distrust in others

Incubus- an old Greek myth of a demon who would feed on those who slept
"What do you want from me?" I ask, keeping a firm hold on his glare, not letting him for one second put his attention anywhere else

"You know damn well what I want, Luna," He says, his hostility for once not throwing me off guard "I want you."

"So," I whisper, taking a step forward to him "Take me."


~He was meant to protect me, nothing else.~

He came without warning. He came without instructions. He came without explanation. But he came for me.

So here I am. Living with him by force, with no way to escape.

At first, I hated him. I hated every second I spent in his presence, I hated the way he looked at me, I hated his brooding looks and the curve of his lips, and his annoyingly handsome features, I hated his many tattoos. I hated that he could read me like a book. I hated the fact that he wanted to protect me. I could protect myself!

But behind the darkness in his eyes... there was light.

So I was drawn to him, his story, who he was, and why he wanted to protect me of all people. And as I slowly unraveled the answers, I unraveled him as well.

"Luna, you know I do this because I care for you." He tells me, his dark eyes shining in the dim lighting "More than you will ever know."

He was over-protective, hostile, annoying, dark, and a complete jackass... but I grew to love him, more than I knew capable.

But there was a dark force, beyond either of our capabilities hurdling towards us like lightning in a storm. I was being tracked like a deer in hunting season, yet these hunters wanted a little more than my head on a mantel piece. And somehow... It all linked to my mother.

A person like me, needs to watch their back at all times. Unless... It's all paranoia.


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