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A young man wakes up in an alley and discovers that he has lost his memory. He sets out to uncover his identity which leads him to one horrific truth after the other. He finds out that he has landed up in the midst of a war among supernatural beings and the town is the battleground !!! He discovers his past along the way- his childhood, his complicated sexual past, his friends, enemies and new acquaintances. But soon he has to deliver, for the fate of many lie in his hands and also he has to make some tough choices.

Running parallel is the tale of a vampire couple who are privy to the politics and one of the biggest wars in the history of vampires, who have teamed up with werewolves to launch an assault that will bring down mankind to its knees. The male in the pair has his reservations and his conscience poses hurdles in his way forcing him to rethink his alliance, while the female vampire, a powerful slayer, is torn between her love for her boyfriend and the dictates of her devious father whom she loves so much. Which one of her loves will prevail and where will she draw the line?     

Read on to see how their luck fare and enjoy !!!  ;-D

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DevinMadrangchar DevinMadrangchar Oct 01, 2012
Finally some vampire action...this one looks very interesting.
AngusEcrivain AngusEcrivain Mar 02, 2011
This is bloody good! Very, bloody, good!
                              I don't have the time to read any more of this right now but I shall pick it up later on :)
Deep4141 Deep4141 Feb 16, 2011
                              You're right ! That's why it's my favorite. Though I'm looking for a song with amnesia as the main theme. I've a chapter in mind where Numb would be more apt.  ;-D
Deep4141 Deep4141 Feb 09, 2011
                              Thanks for reading and commenting. I'm sure u will find surprising things to read in my story, something u will like since your own story is a thriller. ;-D
Deep4141 Deep4141 Jan 17, 2011
                              Yup, Lord of the Rings- saw that film, nay trilogy, maybe 20 times !!!  ;-))
LuckOfTheApocalypse LuckOfTheApocalypse Jan 17, 2011
@Deep4141 Your welcome. And ah yes, the famous 'Mr. Smith', he's an amazing actor in every movie he does. Even in Lord of the Rings I find him to be supremely talented.