Insanity • 5sos

Insanity • 5sos

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Camryn ➰ By PsychxticHemmings Completed

"Hey Mackenzie?" Luke calls from the door.


"When you were on the phone with Michael, did you tell him to come in and find us?"

"No, why?"

Luke is silent for a moment, and when he speaks again, his voice is cold and full of fear. "Then um.." He stops, and I look up at him in confusion. He's staring down into the area we just came from, stance rigid. "Then who's that standing at the end of the hall?"

2014 @ psychxtichemmings

Every white person in a horror movie....sorry if this offended you but it's true
ik 6 of these songs  The Devil Within
                              Fairly Local
                              and Dollhouse
This makes me vv happy because I never see my name spelled the same way that I spell it in fanfics like literally never yayyy