How Not to Vampire - Season 1

How Not to Vampire - Season 1

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Rodney V. Smith By iamRodneyVSmith Updated 4 days ago

Things Bob has on his checklist when he accidentally becomes a vampire: a) forget everything he knows about vampires b) don't get brutally murdered by vampires.

Apparently there are vampire LAWS, and Bob, a young, romantically-challenged black man living in Toronto, never got the guidebook. Even though it's not his fault that he's broken every rule, a secret vampire society is hellbent on giving him a more permanent death. With the help of his best pal, Claude, Bob tries to stay alive and hopefully turn around his screwed-up existence in the process.

30 CHAPTERS, released weekly, only on Wattpad
[[word count: 75,000-100,000 words]]

"Look: vampires are traditionally afraid of religious symbols. It's a well-known fact. If you're any kind of vampire, you should be outta here by now, not just sitting there drinking your coffee."

"I'm not actually drinking it yet. Some idiot keeps interrupting me by shoving religious symbols in my face."

Claude held up an ornate brass cross with a macabre Jesus Christ in the throes of death, designed to repel any nearby vampires.

"Oh look," I said dryly, "the idiot's back."


Edited by Debra Goelz
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