The Hunter's Lover  (Sterek) *book two*

The Hunter's Lover (Sterek) *book two*

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This is the sequel to Almost Is Never Enough! 

A few years have passed since the incidents of Almost Is Never Enough. The events that have changed Stiles life forever. He decided to become a hunter so he doesn't have to deal with the stress of being weak anymore. His kills have stacked up and he's built a reputation for himself. He did however believe that he'll never return to Beacon Hills. Until a serious of unfortunate events brought him back to the last person he wanted to see.

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Alltheseemma Alltheseemma Nov 07, 2017
yes because it reminds me of void stiles and damn i love void stiles
NotSoSourWolf NotSoSourWolf May 26, 2017
I'm really digging Dark Hunter! Stiles. Another round please!
Jordan_Jenkinsy Jordan_Jenkinsy Jan 02, 2016
It makes me sad seeing what the events that have to pass have hurt him and changing him so much. But I hope he is well again
Skylarmadhatter Skylarmadhatter Mar 11, 2015
I love stiles be a bad ass.  I tried  of read story stiles be nice .I'm so happy you change it.
SebastianSmytheEfp SebastianSmytheEfp Feb 09, 2015
Love it *.*
                               And I'll love him more when he'll make my Sterek's dreams true
sarai7sd sarai7sd Sep 07, 2014
I'm already in love with the prologue!!! but shhh!! don't tell my bf that!!