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Her abused mate (NOT EDITED)

Her abused mate (NOT EDITED)

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Swimmingwookie By Pwinchester Completed


My dad always thought I was worthless, calling me a disgrace and disappointment. A horrible son. He says I'm not it fit to be alpha. All becuase my mom died in child birth. I'm kept in the dark, beaten, abused. I'm not sure my wolf can take much more, as for me...I'm Long gone

Black_Mist07 Black_Mist07 Jan 27, 2016
I love how it's a guy getting abused this time. It's always the girl.
GingerReaper GingerReaper Jan 18, 2016
I loooovvveeee this already. I wonder how a mate will find him, usually it's a girl and the alpha comes, maybe it will be a Luna without a mate coming to their pack?
cat_loves_lemons cat_loves_lemons Jan 14, 2016
I havnt even started reading yet but once i read the little paragraph that tells u about thr story im like yes finally ! A story that has an abused man instead of a women for once not that those books arnt good i just like the change
happytimeyay happytimeyay Feb 15, 2015
This is genius I love how you change it to boy that made this soooo much better you deserve an award
GreeWolLunaWarrior GreeWolLunaWarrior Dec 08, 2014
woooowwwww i read many abuse stories and this is the first time i read it's the alpha MALE getting abused
                              love it, so damn unique
GreeWolLunaWarrior GreeWolLunaWarrior Dec 08, 2014
my heart is shattering into TINY pieces
                              my poor james oh gish hang on love