Possessive Mob Boss (Tom Hiddleston)

Possessive Mob Boss (Tom Hiddleston)

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BabyDoll By LokisBabydollBride Updated Jun 03, 2016

"I will be the first man to kiss you, to bed you, whether you come willingly or not. You will be mine, and mine alone. Do you understand me?" 

Tom is the most dangerous man in the world. And never wanted to settle down and get married. He only ever used women. 

That is until he meets Aleera. 

The beautiful Aussie who makes his heart skip a beat. His skin heat up. He instantly gets aroused just by the thought of her. 

She is pure in every way possible. And he wants that pure and innocent girl to himself.

Winchesterlynormal Winchesterlynormal Dec 15, 2017
I love how this is a complete change in character for Tom! Usually v sweet and v innocent
Angelyoyo13 Angelyoyo13 Feb 28
And now..... CUT!!!! That was really good acting, Mr. Hiddleston!! It had looked so real tho! *Claps*
                              (Or was it real?) 😹😹😹
Elana0-0 Elana0-0 Mar 15, 2016
You know what else is Romanian? Sebastian Stan😂😉😉😉😂😂 I'm sorry I had to
KianaHawkins KianaHawkins Jan 05, 2016
You ALWAYS gotta listen to your mum no matter who you are XD
royal888 royal888 May 03, 2015
uh. she is allergic to shellfish. Good excuse to get out of a dinner invitation. i wonder if she was telling the truth