Rough starts Gamzee x Reader

Rough starts Gamzee x Reader

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Ok, first I wanna apologize for any typos. I'm doing this on my phone and in thinking this as I type so bear with me.



Everyone was still talking about this earthquake that happened s few months ago. Everyone thought that aliens would come and probe us. I guess that's humans for yeah. Always scared. Why wouldn't we be? We only have one chance, and if  you fuck up, Welp that was it for you. You were a goner. Unless a miracle of something like that happened.

 But the point of miracles is that it happens once in a while, like a blue moon. Everyone believes in it, but sometimes it turns out to be a myth. Maybe they do exist? Maybe they don't. Hell if I care anymore. Everything is a disappointment. Including everyone. 

 My expectations? Ha! I don't have those anymore. Mostly because they're more like facts. Everyone is a greedy monster. Ugh, the world I saw now made me feel awful and full of hate. Hate towards everything! What was the point if everything was going to die a...

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AnimeNerd1012 AnimeNerd1012 Dec 20, 2017
Every time someone hugs me: *thinks what is touching me, its touching me!!! Wheres the undo button!!!!!*
lalondecrocker lalondecrocker 21 hours ago
T)(ree days? Only? I need 5 mont)(s to catc)(u up on all t)(e time I spent on )(omestuck
DeadKiller100 DeadKiller100 Dec 23, 2017
AnimeNerd1012 AnimeNerd1012 Dec 20, 2017
I read "and always remember to use heat protecting gloves on your heads." And I just pictured him with oven mitts on his horns and saying this in the most serious manner. 😂😂😂😂😂 I need to stop
AnimeNerd1012 AnimeNerd1012 Dec 20, 2017
*looks over contract* nope says nothing about me hitting you with clubs, read the fine print
DeadKiller100 DeadKiller100 Dec 23, 2017
He did not kidnap you he helped you. Get ya fuckin facts straight!