Rough starts Gamzee x Reader

Rough starts Gamzee x Reader

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Ok, first I wanna apologize for any typos. I'm doing this on my phone and in thinking this as I type so bear with me.



Everyone was still talking about this earthquake that happened s few months ago. Everyone thought that aliens would come and probe us. I guess that's humans for yeah. Always scared. Why wouldn't we be? We only have one chance, and if  you fuck up, Welp that was it for you. You were a goner. Unless a miracle of something like that happened.

 But the point of miracles is that it happens once in a while, like a blue moon. Everyone believes in it, but sometimes it turns out to be a myth. Maybe they do exist? Maybe they don't. Hell if I care anymore. Everything is a disappointment. Including everyone. 

 My expectations? Ha! I don't have those anymore. Mostly because they're more like facts. Everyone is a greedy monster. Ugh, the world I saw now made me feel awful and full of hate. Hate towards everything! What was the point if everything was going to die a...

imagine someone taking facepaint off in a suggestive manner
                              hmm is that even possible
Boriing_ Boriing_ Jan 25, 2015
Please update soon, it's really sweet and cute. One of the few, best stories out there x3