Divergent: Music + New Identities

Divergent: Music + New Identities

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Taylor346 By Taylor346 Updated Jun 30

Tris Prior is a famous singer and has stared in various movies. The most recent being 'The Fault In Our Stars'.
She's been home schooled her entire life but has asked to go to high school for her senior year for the experience. 
Her dad is a famous director and her mom is a world wide fashion designer. 
What does senior year hold for a famous Tris Prior?
A Tris Prior who is using a different identity...

Read, comment, enjoy! 

Thanks guys -- Taylor :)

Well I am still in middle school so I can't say that just yet.  The most classes I have had with someone is like five classes
Why Ross Lynch. Like, he's fine but I can and will never picture him with Tris
They just weren't in my sixth period because they don't know how to act
Wait wouldn't one of her co stars be her brother😂😂😂I'm doneeee
*falls dramatically to knees*
                              How long till four/Tobias enters this story??
*screams like a little kid* I play the flute too!!!!! lol, anyone? No? . . . Okay. . . . .