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***Find out why OVER MY HEAD has had 1.2 million reads here at Wattpad, and why so many readers here fell in love with Sang. You can check out the complete novel OVER MY HEAD by Marie Lamba over at amazon.com plus its prequel WHAT I MEANT... and Marie's newest novel, an OUTLANDER-like time travel called DRAWN. A sneak peek of DRAWN is on Wattpad right here: http://www.wattpad.com/story/3371192-drawn

When high school senior Sang Jumnal falls hard for college-aged lifeguard Cameron Cerulli, her strict Indian dad is furious. And her older brother says Cameron is a player. But what if Cameron really is the love of her life? Filled with passion, humor and plenty of steamy days by the pool, OVER MY HEAD is all about taking risks and diving in for the sake of true love.

OVER MY HEAD is "a funny, touching, and at times heart-breaking Young Adult novel about the search for love. Gorgeous prose, deep insights and a wonderfully rewarding read. Highly recommended!" says New York Times bestseller Jonathan Maberry

  • biracial
  • family
  • friendship
  • humor
  • illness
  • indian
  • lies
  • lifeguards
  • love
  • multicultural
  • pennsylvania
  • romance
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otterfangirl07 otterfangirl07 Mar 19, 2017
And then there's me who, within an hour or two, has become a tomato. XD
_Simply_Insane_ _Simply_Insane_ May 05, 2016
Everyone's over here with names with pretty meanings and I'm over here like
                              "My name means cinnamon." 😂😂
an14dree an14dree Jul 26, 2016
Go check out my new story, I promise you won't regret it! Please and thank you:):)
thuyuyuyuy thuyuyuyuy Dec 07, 2015
Outta my mind. Maybe I was born in the wrong time. One of a kind living in a word so plastic. Baby you're so classic.
sreejayanpullaikodi sreejayanpullaikodi Jun 29, 2015
@LivetoSing13 I think that u are mistaken.. if they doesn't have a control on you may be you have gone some where else long before.
annabanana_987 annabanana_987 Apr 13, 2015
Ok, so why doesn't she swim, or ever plan to? I don't get the deal...