Kiss me if I'm Wrong (Fred Weasley Love story)

Kiss me if I'm Wrong (Fred Weasley Love story)

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Paige Louise ✌️ By HufflePuffPingu Completed

Kiara May Kinn, a young timid 15 year old girl, big wavy lilac hair down to her waist, beautiful grey eyes and a cute bubbly personality. 

She's a shy character, more than likely have her head in a book enjoying the outside world while reading about another. 

She goes to the Bauxbatons school in France and is allowed to go to Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournament. 

Through out her stay she starts to notice someone. A certain Weasley twin. Someone she would never picture her being with. 

But someone is standing in the way of her true love. Angelina Johnson.

Excuse the French in this I'm just using google translate :/

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coco_2424 coco_2424 Jul 27, 2017
Yay I'm so happy you put the translation right after!! Most authors don't and then I have to scroll all the way down or look it up and then scroll back up.
oh Vas te faire ecule
                              i really don't see what Hagrid saw in u
so every one is lovely but the first years are like down on another level. 
                              so kind
dead. i am soo saying that in English class so i can say "oops wrong language"
so me
                              like siriusly (i dont know how to spell it prop)
                              me right now
IsabellaLondon14 IsabellaLondon14 Feb 14, 2017
Haha legendairy reminds me of an add I watched. But isn't it spelt legendary I am probably wrong?