Cross the Line

Cross the Line

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Olivia By oliviamckenny Updated Jul 10

Sadie Marshall fears she's one problem away from completely spiraling. Starting off her Senior year of college she once again feels like she has to prove the herself in her male-dominated classes. All the while she is being put in the middle of her parent's more than ugly divorce and has to deal with breaking up with someone she believed she could have a future with. Once confident and determined, Sadie now struggles with high anxiety and keeping focused. It's at her lowest point she turns to someone she never could have expected. 

Ryan Lawson is a senior in college with a chance of going pro. From the age of nine, that's all he's ever wanted and with a dad like Joe Lawson a notorious lineman it was inevitable that he would want to take after him. Ryan knows joining the pro league is his only way to having a future since he has no idea what to do otherwise. He hates school with an undying passion but from his perspective, things have just gotten a tad better. 

For the past year and a half, Ryan watched his best friend and the girl he loves be together. Now with a twist of fate, they've broken up and he finds it hard to push aside his feelings. With already having a full plate does he want to add fighting with his best friend be another? Perhaps the consequences will be worth it.

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