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Fight For Dominance :: m.c ✓

Fight For Dominance :: m.c ✓

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yasmin By FictionalAsht0n Completed

Fight for Dominance {book 1/3} COMPLETED✓

>5 seconds of summer are one of the biggest bands in the world, and I belong to them. Clara Dawson has been a sex slave for almost 4 years of her adult life, knowing nothing else but the life her dominants provide for her. But as feelings are slowly revealed, who will truly be in control? <

Fight for Independence {book 2/3} COMPLETED ✓

>Clara Dawson has escaped the world she once knew; and has found herself still fighting for her own independence. Will she go back to the life she's always known or will she break the ropes making her cling on<

Fight for Love {book 3/3} COMPLETED ✓ 

>Clara and Michael have had their ups and downs, now with two boys to raise on her own with the help of friend Niall, will they ever get back together or will their paths go their separate ways?<

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spoopydumpling spoopydumpling Sep 13, 2016
is it the one that Michael put in his back pocket that one time live?
Lucille42602 Lucille42602 Aug 04, 2016
When ever i here that song in the beging of a 5sos trailer i know shït is about to get real
hemmo55 hemmo55 Oct 23, 2015
Everyones like, TRAILER ON FLEEK ITS PERFECT, and im here like, where tf did u get the clips from like DAYUM
ScandalousFlava ScandalousFlava Oct 14, 2015
Bitch smashed the whole squad and they still fucks with her? What the hell am I about read???
Gothic_Scene Gothic_Scene Sep 27, 2015
I feel sad for not finding this book sooner,but the trailer looks awesome so I'm probably gonna binge read this for the rest of the day.
tardisandrainbows tardisandrainbows Aug 30, 2014
sorry i cant help but think about that kinky winnebago keek