The Bad Boys

The Bad Boys

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_anony_mously_ By _anony_mously_ Updated Dec 13, 2014

Meet Estelle Woods (a/n: pronounced 'Es-tell') 
She's strong, independent, level headed and a sucker for teen romance books. Living in her own little nerd world, she's oblivious to the treacherous waters of her new School in America. 

Meet 'The Three' aka: Austin, Jordan and DJ
They're strong, independent, ruthless and suckers for trouble. 
Living in their own not-so-little gang world, they're oblivious to the little nerd who's going to steal each of their hearts in three different ways. 

But that's right Little Estelle with her long blood red hair and hipster style glasses has no idea why she got the attention if the infamous 'Three' 

But she did.

                              THATS RETARDED AS ALL HELL
lmao he said it sucks balls lmao i say that all the time but i say it sucks monkey balls lmao
Cause' we all love to confess sunsets and ride into feelings...
OMG when she falls and then bashes herself on the table totally reminds me of radio rebel 👌🏻
im dying lmao ita to bad i dont know how to put emojis when im on my labtop lmao
CrazyBookLover1075 CrazyBookLover1075 Aug 01, 2015
We'd confess sunsets and run off into the feelings............sounds legit