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Taken by a Traveling Soldier

Taken by a Traveling Soldier

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Jacky Mimlitsh By JackyMim Completed

"Because I love you, Cassy." 
"You love me."  My heart pounded in my chest then and I could see every muscle in his face flex. 
"I love you too."  The words left my lips before I could think and then I knew it was the complete truth.  I loved his man.  With every last ounce in my body.  Feeling his body loosen up under the fists that had just been pounding down on him my tension too soften. 
"God Cassy I love you, I've been wanting to say that for days now."  Kissing me he wrapped his body around me.  The barrier between fiction and fact.  The comfort I've learned so well. 
"I want you to say it again."
"I love you."  He whispered it in my ear. Letting a tear fall I encased myself with him.
"Don't ever let me go."

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