Royal Mate

Royal Mate

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Sarah By Lillrah Completed

Faith has never considered herself a Princess. Sure, she's got the genes to prove it but with all the running from herself and from her past she's had to do, it's not exactly an idea she's had the chance to get used to. So, when she finds herself in a world where both her and her brother are accepted and expected to lead an entire race?

Let's just say life becomes anything but easier.

Throw in a possessive, hardhearted mate who happens to be a father of a child that is certainly not hers?

Well that's just taking confusing to a whole new level.

Slowly, but surely, Faith finds herself falling for her mate --the man who's brother is hell-bent on killing her.

The man who may not ever truly love her back.

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__nolongeractive__ __nolongeractive__ May 13, 2017
I jumped off a cliff once, but I was around 4. so not much fear - but a load of confusion afterwards.
AnaMayMalabja AnaMayMalabja Apr 11, 2017
EmilyBishopLepich EmilyBishopLepich Jun 07, 2016
I agree. I am tired of people blacking out. It's ridiculous and makes the female seem weak
anime_lover227 anime_lover227 Jul 30, 2016
Little boys shouldn't poke their heads into things that don't involve them
anime_lover227 anime_lover227 Jul 30, 2016
Why do they care they're rogues that should be all that matters
pleasedontbeabitch pleasedontbeabitch Aug 16, 2016
I swear I read this dang book, but wattpad fs up so much that it took it out of my library