Spadeverse Vol. 1

Spadeverse Vol. 1

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Spade is a celestial deity who has a special interest in writing tales of many worlds, yet lacks the finesse and will to actually get them down on paper.  Many days of self-pity and doubt leads to Spade's inner chaos to manifesting itself. And soon, ten distant worlds are fused together into one world, all from tales Spade read and heard about. Many of the warriors are left confused, looking for answers about their current situation. Yet, as they dig deeper, they're met with obstacles and revelations they couldn't possibly imagine. 

Get lost in a whole new multiverse as various peoples come together in the start of a long journey and agonizing journey. Enter into the Spadeverse at your own peril! The curtain rises on ;
Spadeverse: Convergence

This massive Wattpad collaboration by Vol.1 includes...
*Earth Warriors by @LuisPetrizzoRengel
*God of Thieves by @Cogster
*I Want To Die, Let's Isekai! by @Jixekai
*Reincarnated as a Betrayed Prince by @beatcr
*Overtake the Astral by @Vayne125
*Demon Sword Sorotaki by @DS-Nate
*The Cursed Iris by @RandyJ22
*Yami no Hikari by @ImperialSun
*Akatsukinomonogatari by @Takeimika

With more to come as the story goes on!

Art by: @Jixekai