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The Banished Wolf {COMPLETED}

The Banished Wolf {COMPLETED}

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pruewatkins By pruewatkins Completed

Have you ever felt like an outcast?  A person who society has turned their back on?  If so then you will know exactly how Bianca feels. She was banished from the only life she had ever known as the Alpha's daughter. She went from being pampered, respected, and spoiled to the town reject in a matter of one night.   

The worst part about it was that she was banished for something she had no control over. No one cared enough to listen to her they labeled her as a slut and a liar. Her family feeling disgraced and ashamed had no other choice but to force her out of their house and their lives.

lohrcammy lohrcammy Aug 28, 2016
There should be a period and a capital in the first sentence: 🆘✅✅law. Our
dats a vewy pwetty banna!
                              omg i like grammar so that looks so bad but srsly tho. I love the banner.
lohrcammy lohrcammy Aug 28, 2016
Delete the word which and insert a period and capital instead 🆘✅✅applications which a ➡️ applications. A
I love notes like this, where they look for constructive feedback to improve their writing.
SunburntGoddess SunburntGoddess Dec 21, 2016
Your supposed to make a new paragraph whenever someone new starts speaking :)
NinjaPipinoooo NinjaPipinoooo May 19, 2016
I was just thinking, if werewolves,vamps, etc. were supernatural to us humans, wouldnt humans be supernatural to them? idk lol