Rejected (boyxboy)*Under Editing*

Rejected (boyxboy)*Under Editing*

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Every time someone falls in love a new diamond heart appears, so keep falling in love. By MeandDiamond Completed

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"A Huge thanks to jin jin for editing this work and investing your precious time in it."

I never thought I'll be rejected by my own mate...
And most of all without any reason or explanation
But seeing that he is happily marrying some other chick.
I guess it's time for me to move on....
But the only ques. Is how???

ReniAnabella - 
"I read your book. It's awesome. I usually like happy endings but you way of writing is too good to resist."

"I already read this book 'twice' don't know why I am reading it 'again'. But it's great sooo."

"Fawk Twilight. This book is a better story than Twilight."

"I really like your story specifically "Rejected". It's something that is refreshing for me as an avid werewolf bxb reader."

"Rejected is a breathe of fresh air from some of the werewolf books I've read."

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Hah you should look at my profile description it's something like "I ain't no dang William Shakespeare"
I love the way your so blunt. Ahahah. I'm so excited to read. Well. Here it goes. Im jumping in for the ride. *salute* * jump in to the book*
This is like first person to be happy after being rejected that I've read.
fateha12 fateha12 Jul 24
Having a hard time imagining that many book in an attic, just how big is the house🤔😕
SugarCancer SugarCancer Oct 08
Lmao. Shakespeare and wordsworth are for college. Not my free time. I swear if i read anymore poetic novels with complex figures of speech at my free times ill be recite their books even in my sleep
I got confused 
                              Me being the stupid I am forgot what a basin was and ask almost everyone in my class till I noticed  that I was in the wrong class 😂 weirdest day ever