Rejected 1(boyxboy)✔

Rejected 1(boyxboy)✔

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Every time someone falls in love a new diamond heart appears, so keep falling in love. By MeandDiamond Completed

#20 best in Romance, #21 Best in Werewolf

I never thought I'll be rejected by my own mate...
And most of all without any reason or explanation
But seeing that he is happily marrying some other chick.
I guess it's time for me to move on....

But the only question is how???

"I really like your story specifically "Rejected". It's something that is refreshing for me as an avid werewolf bxb reader."

ReniAnabella - 
"I read your book. It's awesome. I usually like happy endings but you way of writing is too good to resist."

"I already read this book 'twice' don't know why I am reading it 'again'. But it's great sooo."

"Fawk Twilight. This book is a better story than Twilight."

"Rejected is a breathe of fresh air from some of the werewolf books I've read."

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Lechugaqueirido Lechugaqueirido Oct 18, 2017
Bro, don't worry about people correcting you,  you're a pretty good writer
Noel1399 Noel1399 Nov 28, 2017
It's hardly that bad. The grammar mistakes are few and far between and not really that noticable. I like your writing
BluMach BluMach Mar 19
Omg i was thinking, “is this a real chapter?”, so i tried to find it, and then today is the day i realized that its actually the first chapter
PenguincookieX PenguincookieX Dec 20, 2017
Heads up if this persons book has comments of correcting things read my books and holy shat you won't be able to read a sentence
wyvernslair wyvernslair Oct 31, 2017
Never see a point in insulting, if I don't like something or the spelling mistakes are impossible to continue I don't read or at least do not comment, unless you pay to read something how can you complain.
It shows me that this is #122 in Werewolf, and it doesn't say anything about romance.