Sweet Juices (Phanfiction)

Sweet Juices (Phanfiction)

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Luna By destroyinginnocence Updated Aug 28, 2016

The liquid, rushing in willingly, dulling my ever present hunger. Never truly satisfied, lingering on the outskirts of my mind ready to pounce at the easiest option. Digging my nails into his hips with my other hand tangled in his hair, pulling harshly. I lick my lips, savouring the taste and smell. More flows into my open mouth, delicious saltiness.

He was a rather attractive boy.

Too bad, he must die. 

Warnings: Blood, violence, death (no major character), smut, probs little angst, supernatural, BDSM. 

I'm really excited for this one guys and if you have any comments or tips for my writing. It would be great appreciated.
Send me prompts, for one shots!:)

nopetyhowell nopetyhowell Jul 28, 2016
.this is not what I had planned 
                              THIS IS NOT WHAT I HAD PLANNED
PhangirlingIsLife PhangirlingIsLife Aug 31, 2016
I tried to stop reading this halfway through the first chapter to do homework but now that ive started reading it I can't focus on hoe work becAUSE I MIST FINISH THIS FIRST
Blood is metallic, not salty like some other liquidy substance *cough* *cough*XX
- - Aug 31, 2016
Well. From the start I thought we where getting straight to the sexyness. Guess not.
Runningspirit Runningspirit Nov 28, 2016
And we alllll stilllll dieeee
                              And we alllll stilllll dieeee
                              But what we leaveeee beeeehind
                              Oh that we allllll stilllll dieeee
FantasyRose16 FantasyRose16 Oct 20, 2016
As much of a psychopath I am I think this option is better this time