Sweet Juices (Phanfiction)

Sweet Juices (Phanfiction)

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Luna By destroyinginnocence Updated Aug 28, 2016

The liquid, rushing in willingly, dulling my ever present hunger. Never truly satisfied, lingering on the outskirts of my mind ready to pounce at the easiest option. Digging my nails into his hips with my other hand tangled in his hair, pulling harshly. I lick my lips, savouring the taste and smell. More flows into my open mouth, delicious saltiness.

He was a rather attractive boy.

Too bad, he must die. 

Warnings: Blood, violence, death (no major character), smut, probs little angst, supernatural, BDSM. 

I'm really excited for this one guys and if you have any comments or tips for my writing. It would be great appreciated.
Send me prompts, for one shots!:)

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ThePenguinMagsta ThePenguinMagsta Sep 23, 2017
Ur Phillip Lester, the one YouTuber I would choose over Danyul
XxPhandomUltimatexX XxPhandomUltimatexX Dec 09, 2017
What? So phil is a vampire and he's about to kill dan? Or the otherway round? IDK anymore!
Roses are red
                              Cactus are prickly
                              Might I add
                              That escalated quickly
xximanerdybirdyxx xximanerdybirdyxx Aug 01, 2017
Person: Phil your hair is black
                              Phil: No, it's DEATH black! There's a difference!
                              I didn't make this to be offensive, I just thought that would be funny
“Brown hair whipping” the fück you doing Dan? That died in 2010 there shall be now whipping of the hair back nor forth
MoshoSwirls MoshoSwirls Mar 30, 2017
                              SO LIGHT EM Up up up! Light em.. up..up...up....
                              I'm sorry that's the first thing I thought of when I saw the title