Fatal Containment

12 Part Story 15.8K Reads 565 Votes
Brian Jeffreys By grandmobiusbrian Updated 2 years ago
Lt. Cheryl Kinson and Cmdr. Connor Leary are worlds apart.  Kinson, a geeky smart girl on the science division fast track, isn't making any friends on the new ship quickly.  Leary is serving out a sentence as a member of a conquered race, doomed to never have a command of his own.  But when people start dying on their ship, they have to work together to find out who wants them dead, and discover if their single ship could be the spark that burns down the invincible empire!
Hi brIAn,
                                    I've read the full traci ganner series and my question is...are any of the characters in fatal containment related to TG ? It's kind of confusing as you use same names or specific sic-fi term in each story...
I love the humorous start -- and the brisk movement into tension and speculation. Way to go!