Screw the Night Class (Vampire Knight fanfic)

Screw the Night Class (Vampire Knight fanfic)

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Genevieve Elsinor is 16 years old. Or at least, she's been 16 for for a couple years now.

You see, 7 years ago Evie (her preferred nickname) was bitten by some random pureblood known as Octavia Dragostea- who also happened to murder Evie's entire family on the same day...Don't worry though, she got her revenge on that bloodsucker. 

But that's all I'm the past. Evie has a new future set for herself on a Hunter's Association job at Cross Academy; monitoring teenage vampires.  

Which totally means school, drama, and a little Vampire Knight Romance...

(Lol wtf I wrote this in middle school like?!)

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ju7393 ju7393 Apr 22
Forever young.  And no expensive creams and injections needed.
ItzRoseee ItzRoseee Sep 24
Nah. Like nah, "That Christmas sucked.". Why the hell wouldn't it suck? Bruh gtfo
Why go back to that hell hole..... Then again there's college ..... Yay
ju7393 ju7393 Apr 22
Yep.  That's how I was a few months ago.  I went on a family vacation, there big suit cases and five duffle bags.  And then our own small bags(similar to messenger bags).  Total work out.
Well considering that they suck the crimson life out of u . I'd say yes they do
ju7393 ju7393 Apr 22
*Gasp* You don't like snow.... well I sometimes don't.  One reason.  Ice.  When it snows there is always ice.  And I have fallen so many times from slipping on ice.  So embarrassing and painful.