Machine Woman (Rantaro Amami x short!reader)

Machine Woman (Rantaro Amami x short!reader)

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Y/n L/n The Ultimate Engineer. The girl who made a robotic clone of herself. That's all she was known as. That's all she was known for. Not being herself, but by doing something she loved. Building. Designing. Engineering. She wasn't complaining though, she liked being known as that. She likes it a lot. 

She was wrapped into a killing game like no other. She found herself in a strange academy filled with strange people. What will happen when she meets a certain Avocado boy?Will she live? Will he live? The only one who knows that, is author-chan.


Hi! It's author-chan here! I just wanna say that I'm very excited to make this book for y'all and I hope you enjoy it! I know what Danganronpa V3 is, and I just got around to playing it last week (the week of 4/5/2020) and I decided that I would make this as I played the game, so I can develop the plot of the book and add the plot of the game as I learn the plot! I just finished chapter 2 (as of 4/15/2020) and I would appreciate no spoilers please! I'm going to try to update quickly for y'all! I'm going to change the events of chapter 1 a bit for some obvious reasons. Thank you! (I DON'T OWN THE DANGANRONPA SERIES) Also, characters may be OOC...sorry.


Update: I've almost completed the game now. You are fine to spoil crap now. I know the rest of the story from where I am. Why? Because people spoiled things for me before I even started to play...I want to be completely blind going into the gane, but oh well. Y'all good now XD

Cover art by: Me