Bad Boy+Bad Girl=Trouble » Hayes G

Bad Boy+Bad Girl=Trouble » Hayes G

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I wrote this story a while back and it really sucks. There's stupid, pointless arguments and misspellings and just plain dumb shit that happens. So it's your decision if you still want to read it.

And yes, I get that the characters are really young. But deal with it. 

~Michelle's POV 

"Michelle get up you don't wanna be late for your first day of high school!" I heard my mom yell, managing to wake me up from my deep slumber 

"Ughhh" I groaned, "great! Another school to get kicked out of" I said to myself 

I slowly got up and opened my closet, I picked out some high waisted denim shorts and a floral crop top, I slid on my black converse and straightened my long brown hair, I applied some light make up on and grabbed my bag 

"Mom! I'm ready!" I yelled 

A few seconds later my mom came down stairs with her keys 

"Aw you look cute hunny!" She said in a cheesy mom voice 

"Great! Looks like I'm gonna have to change!" I said playfully 

"Oh, shut up" she said

As we wal...

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Rajinesingh Rajinesingh Apr 04, 2017
No oh no no no no no darling u are going to fall for Hayes and your are gonna like it
holywaterx holywaterx Aug 16, 2017
Turns out that you can't replace him he's perment you can't erase him
Why would you ever break up with such a perfect person you crazy women
xo_blah_xo xo_blah_xo Jan 02, 2017
When I was in the six grade I was still afraid to raise my hand and they talking about they smoked weed tf
tumblrhayes tumblrhayes May 22, 2016
Dude like schools in fanfics give no shïts what you wear. At my school if you aint wearing workboots you get a 0 for shop