Rejection from the Alpha Mate (In construction)

Rejection from the Alpha Mate (In construction)

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Why read the description read the first chapter, then tell me your opinion. XD

*People who want a description*
Aqua Rose bullied and beaten up all her life after her parents death. It wasnt really her fault she ran away after the bastard jerk soon to be alpha aka her mate rejects her. She finally has enough of the bullshit that's happening especially when her mate marks another female,which is a person who has bullied her since second grade.

 As Years pass by after she abandons her pack, she finds herself in a new pack, then becomes one of the strongest pack fighter in there.

So your old typical rejection story when the boy rejects his mate sob sob but nah, as Aqua and her new pack begins to uncover new mysteries begins to get solved and secrets begins to reveal themselves. Yet unknowing of what is to happen next which includes the murder of  (oops said to much ^~^) . What would happen now? Happy ending or nah?

[WARNING: spelling errors and grammar do not judge please; possibly slow updates don't complain q w q I got feelings to]

......Find out...

Dun dunn dunnnnnnnnn~~~~~~~ e w e screw it *flips a table*

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