My Daddy

My Daddy

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Fairy Life By Pink28lol Updated Jan 08

Grace Coleman is beautiful. She just gorgeous, her parents saw this at a young age and decided to get her in everything they can. The got her in modeling, dance, cheer, and Ect. At ever dance competition just the mention of her name got her ten points. She was know all over America by wanna be dancers and models. But her parents wanted her to be know over seas. So they entered her into a competition in Australia at 18 this would be the last year for her to compete. After this she would chose between becoming a model or dance or both. Her parents will soon realize that bring her to Australia was a big mistake.

Damien King is a business man. He has one of the biggest companies in England at 28. He is also secretly apart of the DDLG. He hasn't found his perfect little yet though. He lives in his luxurious apartment if you could even call it that. But his friends decided it would be better for the littles if they could get a little privacy. So they all decided to get a mansion away from the city. They went all out with a water park in the backyard, a table with swings as the chairs, a indoor pool next to the dining room, and a waterslide leading to it, and much more. It's a littles dream place. 

But what happens when Grace finds herself there and is not happy at all about it? I don't know what other questions to ask. Just read the book. I'm not good at writing these!

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