Trying the Terror (on hold)

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bloodyresolve By bloodyresolve Updated 5 years ago
Ciel lives in a country where experimental military weapons,named Terras, have gone rogue and roam the streets in the darkness threatening civilian lives. She struggles to continue her routine of a reclusive life but the 17 year old  finds herself the target of multiple Terra attacks. As Ciel begins to accept her bad luck the new kid Kyle steps in and becomes her guardian. However things aren't as black and white as they seem and it turns out that the Terras are a lot closer to Ciel than she ever realised.
    (Previously called What are you scared of)
wow this is rly great! i have not had time to read all it yet. sadly i must get off now. have to fishinish up some HW. i luv it all, besides the profanity. :) wonderful job! 
im confused and concerned thats shes about to be eaten by a human snake.. is she a terra?!
                                    this is actually really good.
                                    yay a story worth reading... i've only found a few that ACTUALLY engage me.
                                    yay again :D
Okay so i read it again and it's amazing xcept for a few iffy-bitty grammatical errors, keep writing your really good at it.  I'm definately gonna keep at readin this! Oh, and thx for reading my story I reeeeeallly appeticate it. :D
this first part is delicious. i definitely want to devour the rest. who doesn't like a good horror story? [vote!]
I've only read the first part and it's late but I think your story is really interesting to read, if I wasn't so tired I'd read it all now but I'll save it and read it later! Please read my stories 'you're not just my bestie' and 'stripes' beat of luck and keep writing!! :D