raped, Kiddnapped,  and sold.

raped, Kiddnapped, and sold.

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karsyn_marie01 By karsyn_marie01 Updated Aug 22, 2015

I was runnng as fast as I could but he was faster, how he got In my house.. I have no idea,  what he was going to do to me, I have no anwser for that either, and just being clumsy me I tripped and fell, I tryed to get back up but he pushed me down and screamed at me, I told you not to fucking run you dumb bitch!  now you will be punished. 

this book has language that might not be appropriate for some readers,  and content that might not be appropriate for some readers, do not read if you are not capable of handling it. -Karsyn Marie.

  • beaten
  • dead
  • kiddnapped
  • murder
  • soled
karsyn_marie01 karsyn_marie01 Nov 08, 2015
thanks, I messed up a lot because of my tablet but I'm going to try to get back into it. and are you wanting to start writing?
lldixef lldixef Nov 04, 2015
i love it and im pretty picky and this awesome do u have any tips for me
karsyn_marie01 karsyn_marie01 Jul 26, 2015
My phone was broke that's why it kept messing up. This whole story is messed up that's why I don't like it. That's also why I started a new one, but I haven't really had time to do it. (that sounded bitchy but it wasn't meant to be.)