Classroom Of 109 [BoyXBoy]

Classroom Of 109 [BoyXBoy]

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Just Michael By OralKel Updated Nov 22, 2014

Michael McKing is a straight guy; cheerful and always happy and, not to mention, very friendly. When his mother decides that they need to move, he finds himself agreeing to it, not because he doesn't like his town, but because he wants his mother to be happy. Ever since his father left them, his mother became the mother and father of the family. In his new school, he meets lots of people. Then a 19 years old guy comes in this room, sitting beside him and he can't help but admire his features.

        He finds himself getting attracted to this guy and he doesn't know what to do. Then a new guy comes. Another comes. Then another one comes. With these 4 guys being in the same schedule with his, he can see that his life is bending. Four straight guys. One bend guy.

        Who is going to be his lover, when all of a sudden, these four guys are starting to notice him... in a romantic way?

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xanderr- xanderr- May 06
Is no one going to comment on the way he does his toothbrush ?
xanderr- xanderr- May 06
I'd look at him, he'd flash me a smirk, I'd look at him with a disgusted face.
xanderr- xanderr- May 06
The elevators are probably NOT for YOU to use. I have an elevator in my school but no one, except people who are unable to walk up stairs, can use them.
Why did I just imaging him in a bathtub filled with bars of sole whispering "my previous" as he caresses them. O.o
xanderr- xanderr- May 06
Ugh, I hate when people say "Earphones" because then I don't know what they are talking about. I only know of Headphones and Earbuds.
withu0987 withu0987 Apr 25
Just above he is starting college now getting ready for school