The Last Song [Black Butler] [Kuroshitsuji]

The Last Song [Black Butler] [Kuroshitsuji]

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XxLadyLadyxX By XxLadyLadyxX Updated Mar 02, 2017

"Death is inevitable. Death is unpredictable. Death is merciless."

Daisy Crale considers herself the most sane and sensible amongst the frivolity and unnecessary pampering that is English nobility. She also happens to be considered the oddest of them all. Facing the rigid structure of society, she simply seeks to be different - which translates to her simply being loony. Never taking the accusations to heart, Daisy's faith is tested when her world turns upside down and inside out. Is her oddity just that and nothing more? Perphaps she would lose something more than her dignity: her sanity. Could there be a fate worse than this? 

Yes. In turn, she may just lose her life.

3/1/17: Story O N  H O L D.

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Lucifers_amusement Lucifers_amusement Jun 29, 2017
I liked it a lot. I'm actually surprised to see how many people hated it.
CATzGirl101 CATzGirl101 May 19, 2017
because i had stolen sebastians cats and he was trying to get the back and ciel was in a corner coughing his lungs out because he is allergic to cats
sweet--nightmares sweet--nightmares Mar 15, 2016
what happened to the chapters?!?!? I'm in a mid-life crisis right now. They're missing. omg.
TallulahHoney TallulahHoney Nov 04, 2016
I hated season 2, the new characters in it I loathed. Claude made my fear of spiders even worse... Demon or not he is still a spider and that's y I have the erdge to kill every one I see
-CaptainJackSparrow- -CaptainJackSparrow- May 01, 2016
I love this author, she has an excellent sense of humor. Where is the button where I can follow the lady?
ciel_yokai ciel_yokai Jun 30, 2016
They run through the sausage fields and into the sunset screaming, "I feel so greasy!" - brought to you by fairly oddparents