From Wyoming, to Middle-earth

From Wyoming, to Middle-earth

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Nightmares haunt her nights and she has no idea why. 

She sees things in the shadows; sees ethereal beings; sees fate coming for her. Suddenly she is cast to another world. 

This is an Aragorn fanfiction. 

[keep in mind this was written when I first joined (nearly 3 years ago) and... yeah. I warned you o-o]

This is the first book in the "series". The sequel is titled "From Middle-earth, to Wyoming"

All Rights Reserved. Plots not related to LOTR or The Hobbit are rightfully mine. All characters not relating to LOTR or TH are mine (Alex, Aunya, etc.). Characters resembling living or dead are purely coincidental. 

Written in Sept./Nov. 2014. Unpublished (due to hacking scare) in August 2017. Republished in August 2017. Not edited since 2014. 


Sensimya Sensimya May 21
What a cruddy friend. Like with her screaming bloody murder in there she could've been dying
Great first chapter!! I'm excited to continue reading!! 😁😁
ShizukaPama ShizukaPama Jan 30, 2016
I'll get to this story soon :3, but let me just say that the cover is beautiful!
animefreak8888 animefreak8888 Sep 06, 2016
Lina, that's exactly how you spell my name! So cool.  This is a great story
star_enthusiast star_enthusiast Dec 31, 2015
May I ask, what made you want to write this story from Wyoming? Do you live there?
dejana dejana Dec 26, 2015
Don't know why, but when I first read this, I read "cigarette smoke and, gold fish" lol