Cherry Lip Balm ❀ Mashton AU

Cherry Lip Balm ❀ Mashton AU

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❝Are you wearing lip balm?❞

❝Yeah, why?❞

❝It tastes like cherries, I like cherries.❞

❝Well, I like you.❞


Ashton is a flamboyant, lip balm wearing, garden growing guy who also happens to play the drums at a night club and lives with his best friend, Luke. While Michael works at Target and also happens to be best friends with Luke. 

And he may or may not love the taste of Ashton's cherry lip balm.

[1st place in the Mashton category of the bromance awards 2014!]

© 2014, Angie (larry_lashton), All rights reserved

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i รɦip ɑɳytɦiɳg tɦɑt gɑy gɑy wʀittɛɳ ɑʆʆ ѳѵɛʀ it.
zayn-drunk zayn-drunk Jan 07
I like how its "lip balm" not chapstick or whatever Americans call it.
TheOfficialMolly TheOfficialMolly Nov 29, 2016
Lmao everyone's like..I SHIP CAKE..I SHIP MASHTON.....I SHIP MUKE...and I'm just here like "anyone got Starbucks?
Lashtonsdimples28 Lashtonsdimples28 Aug 03, 2016
                              THE TASTE OF HIS CHERRY CHAPSTICK.
MukeisFlippingReal MukeisFlippingReal Dec 04, 2016
Tbh I ship everyone even if there not at the same show or band, ALL SHIPS MUST SAIL
Not_your_princess_xX Not_your_princess_xX Nov 03, 2016
Second time around!  Really loved this story c: can't wait to read it again!