DNA | muke au | hybrid | mpreg

DNA | muke au | hybrid | mpreg

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autumn By cliffordtheincrowd Updated Feb 06

Luke Hemmings just so happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.


Fanfiction #14

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slowtowntae slowtowntae Apr 03, 2016
The one time I'm not considered different is the time Mikey needs a mate
potatolookingfrand potatolookingfrand Dec 03, 2016
Why male pregnant no offense but I feel like that ruins the book when people do that
mikaelsonclan mikaelsonclan Jul 19, 2016
I was watching oitnb but then I felt like starting this book so here I am
MikeysCliffocanda MikeysCliffocanda Feb 10, 2016
So pretty much They are gonna get a human to fück a dog
                              Interesting ;)
ArcherAfterDemons ArcherAfterDemons Nov 01, 2015
That moment when you realize you can move your ears around like a freaken wolf or cat....I A HYBRID!
bittersweet-dsh bittersweet-dsh Sep 08, 2015
*pulls beanie on tighter* 
                              *tightens sweatpants waist*