Away From Home

Away From Home

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Dimitri shouted. "No! I won't marry her, father." He didn't desire to marry the girl, why couldn't he respect his wishes and end the suggestions.

"Of course. You will."

His father shrugged, dismissing his truths. Antonio Vlaxos was as heartless as it gets. It's either his way or no way. "You are son my son and what I said goes."

Dimitri looked at his father with disgust and walked away from it all. His bride, the king, family, and everything else that did not satisfied him.

Warning: Slight Mature Content

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proud_black_girl proud_black_girl May 24, 2018
Like just say no already, and they said all men were fearless... 
                              JK ok it was just a hyperbole
sanelisiwe_singapi sanelisiwe_singapi Jul 23, 2017
If I was the girl, I would make a run for it. And many fathers in my country still do... In the rural areas for higher title.
o_so_cuteMONI o_so_cuteMONI Oct 05, 2016
Since this is bwwm, shouldn't the woman be black on the cover... not trying to offend just stating facts
geekyyazzie geekyyazzie Jan 31, 2016
My sister she has a baby face so people think I'm the oldest no no no
itslovely23 itslovely23 Sep 27, 2014
@WinterRoseAnna lol yea he is, and I just looked up male models. it took me a while to find him.