Sold To The Alpha

Sold To The Alpha

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SkyHigh_ By SkyHigh_ Updated Jun 25, 2016


You always hear stories about the Alpha falling in love with his mate and living a happy ever after right? Well, for eighteen year old Annette, life was far from that fairy tail. How would you feel if your father took you to an auction and sold you to the highest bidder? What makes it worst for Annette is that her bidder was Paul Delmar, Alpha of the Blackdeath pack, the pack everyone feared. You can already guess by the name of the pack that everything wasn't going to be all nice and sweet for Annette. Blackdeath pack was full of vicious, vindictive, throat-ripping werewolves that had only one motive and that was to kill and get vengeance on the rogues. They practically hated the rogues and thought of them as a species that needed be to extinct. So with all of the fighting, secrecy, spiteful vengeance and cruelty going on will Annette be able to survive being the Alpha's slave?

NOTE: I am in the process of editing this story.

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