In the Garden, by the Twilight

In the Garden, by the Twilight

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George T. Robertson By GeorgeTRobertson Updated Sep 24, 2012

During the night, in the gloom,

They came a knocking, to my room.

I am not scared, I must not fret,

They do not know, at lest not yet.

The deed was done, some time ago,

In the garden, by the pale Moon's glow.

Time is short and it's running out,

But I must fight on, I cannot doubt.

Faith must hold me against their force,

But I fight on, I must stay the course.

I know what I did, when I done what I did,

In the garden, by the statue, to that poor, poor kid.

I did not want this, I did not ask,

But now it's me who was to finish this task.

I take a deep breath, and opened my door,

The man before me shook me to my core.

Evil begot evil; I had learned this at last,

In the garden, my family's buried sins of its past.

Pain is my heritage. Evil, the legacy.

If not for that I'd living happy and free.

But now I'm here among these vile creatures.

With their evil, dark souls and their hideous features.

This is my family, they are my kin,

In the garden, in the house, that's buil...

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ECole789 ECole789 May 15, 2013
Really Good!  I like it!  It is sort of a story poem and I am really into those right now, voted:)
GeorgeTRobertson GeorgeTRobertson Jan 02, 2013
@LonelySasha I'm glad you liked it. check out my other poem if you get the chance.
GeorgeTRobertson GeorgeTRobertson Dec 30, 2012
@LTWdanceloverxx @VertyBoy  Thanks a bunch. I'm glad you like it. Check out my other poem if you get the chance.
A_S_May A_S_May Dec 30, 2012
I really liked this, very dark and sinister, right up my street!! Well done! Voted!
                              I have wrote a few poems about a serial killer here is the link to the first one, there are 5 at the moment!
Vizeopatra Vizeopatra Sep 28, 2012
One error that I spotted: fifth paragraph, fifth line- there.
Vizeopatra Vizeopatra Sep 28, 2012
Simply outstanding. Very vivid and dark. Kudos! *Voted