Bassists || Mikey Way

Bassists || Mikey Way

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"It was us." 

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I have weird knees so whenever i play drums or guitar my legs are atleast shoulder with apart. And ive played small venues where i run around and kick stuff. Im more hyper than frank. And im 6'1 so im basicly dallon weeks on crack.
BITCH DID I JUST GET A TINY BIT OF THAT THREESOME MINDSET? “I love Mikey but at the same time lemme smash Frank”
- - Aug 21, 2017
everytime we touchh i get this feeeling everytime we touch i swear i can flyyy
xxRun_Away_With_Mexx xxRun_Away_With_Mexx Oct 15, 2017
I just screamed out loud 'I KNEW IT' and everyone is staring at me
Jung-Hannah Jung-Hannah Feb 09
I thought Frank was gonna be like “Yep, definitely gay...”
MilesFuckingHeizer MilesFuckingHeizer Jul 18, 2016
Third time of reading this amazing book! Still amazes me the writing skills you have!