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Just Friends #Watty's 2015

Just Friends #Watty's 2015

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ѕωєєтмємσяιєѕfσяєνєr By SweetMemoriesForever Completed

Lacey and Jay are definitley more than friends. Theres something between them that is hard to explain. Falling for the best friend was definitley not in the plans. But when Lacey realizes shes slowly and steadily falling for none other than her cocky and most definetly hot best friend. Who might i mention WAS single but it soon broke off..

Jay knows he's in trouble when he finds himself getting attracted to none other than Lacey. Which is definitley  not right because they are best friends...

So when Jay cant resist his lips are on hers... Everything changes

Something is totally wrong with them and everything he's feeling. They must stop before things get out of hands..

But things do get out of hand very and long these two best friends find themselves in the midst of a lot of drama; from surprise kisses to painful heartbreaks, from unwanted jealousy to passionate feelings. And a lot of parties, drunken confessions, misconceptions, arguments, and oh kissing (lots of it). Throw in Lacey's past and Jay's bitch ex-girlfriend.

But not every story is rainbows and roses. Read through the pages and unfurl this story of two seventeen year olds who are definatley more than friends but less than lovers....


iamsodamnme iamsodamnme Jul 31, 2016
                              Nope I like to murder players, it's my hobby😊😇
_cherrylove _cherrylove Jul 25, 2016
They must be best friends if she thinks him being a player is OK 😂
MaggieBoo94 MaggieBoo94 Feb 12, 2016
Susan  needs to be capitalized me pick up  my  books.....nodded  and walked off..and you forgot the extra "g" in giggling . .....sorry just trying to help you out some :)
JamJustStupid JamJustStupid Sep 02, 2015
Urgh Katie your a freaking bitch! Ima gonna punch your face in now!
46_everlark 46_everlark Jul 11, 2015
Does anyone else think of High School when they read that.....I mean I haven't watched it for a while and neither am I a big fan I just thought of it
XxHafsabegumxX XxHafsabegumxX Nov 18, 2014
                              I DONT EVEN HAVE THAT MUCH!!
                              WELL DONE!!
                              IM SOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!