The Essence of Senescence : First Three Chapters

The Essence of Senescence : First Three Chapters

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Milo Twyla By MiloTwyla Completed

1st place winner of 'The Innovative Awards 2020'
When push comes to shove, Death forces them to fight their way back to life. But what happens when It decides to tag along for the ride?

A big man, a small man, a sort-of man, a sort-of dog, a not-so great woman, an oh-so great woman, all attempting to escape the terminal institution at the end of life's road.

Dispel all of your preconceptions and dare to venture into this allegorical tale, about five older people who know nothing, written by a younger person pretending to know everything.

"Milo Twyla is a modern-day philosopher. Removing stereotypical divisions between polar ages, this young sage writes of the winter of life with such refreshing empathy and intimacy that the one is reminded of the humanity of our older generation. After all, a person is a person no matter how old."