Supernatural Imagines.

Supernatural Imagines.

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Amelia Rose By ameliarosetalks Updated Mar 04, 2016

Hello dear readers, my names Amelia and I love to write about anything and everything. This however, is dedicated to Supernatural and all the wonders of that world.

So, I have a tumblr - so if you read imagines on here that you've read on there, it is my writing and all my own works. Please do not steal, repost, or claim as your own, I worked hard on these and I would appreciate it if you respected that.

I do not own any of the characters from the Supernatural universe, just borrow them and write imagines for the lovely people on tumblr.

Thank you.

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HardCoreNerd2016 HardCoreNerd2016 Sep 03, 2017
I feel like she really liked him and all this pretending high key hurts like hell
                              Just me? No? Yes? Okay I'll just stfu
AryaGrimm AryaGrimm Sep 27, 2017
I don't know why, but I just imagined him doing that smirk he does =]] Not that I am complaining for that very good looking face tho' 🙃
TheBluNightmare TheBluNightmare Feb 28, 2016
You're actually adorable though like you sound polite it's so cute can I adopt you?
sqrzos sqrzos Sep 27, 2015
Okay this is weird but my name is Amelia Rose too. (Rose is my middle name)
Bumblebees_G Bumblebees_G Aug 15, 2015
I tried to vote and it said I voted on to many things and to try again later. lol